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nutraquin+ - a revolutionary fast acting joint supplement for cats dogs and horses at a great price.

If your cat, dog or horse is suffering from a joint related condition or is having mobility problems. nutraquin and nutraquin+ could help.

nutraquin's price per dosage is considerably better value than other joint supplements on the market. A box of 120 capsules will last a medium breed dog four months.

When looking at the value of a joint supplement it's important to compare the dosage price as on the face of it many joint supplements can appear good value however, many are very low in strength and purity.

Comparing the milligrams (mg) strength of a product and how many mg's each capsule/tablet delivers for the required dose is important because often many more capsules/tablets are required to be taken for a true comparison. By comparing the mg strength of a product and how many mg’s each capsule/tablet delivers for the dose, the true price/per day can be determined.

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Buy any six matching 'nutraquin for dog' or 'nutraquin for cats' products from an authorised Veterinary Practice and get one free!
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Nutraquin supplements

Fast acting joint supplement for cats


Fast acting - see results in 4-7 days


Aid stiff joints


Support joint structure


Improve mobility & flexibility


Improve a pet's quality of life by maintaining optimum joint health


Support the animals' natural systems that control inflammation

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Nutraquin Authorised Stockist

Only available through authorised vets

The nutraquin range of products is only available over the counter at authorised Veterinary Practices.It is not available to buy online. This is becuase your Vet understands your pets medical history better than anyone, and as such is
able to offer the best advice and provide the most appropriate one-to-one care
for your pet, prescribing the best possible product for your pets needs while also recommending and managing the appropriate dosage to ensure maximum efficacy.

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Fantastic feedback from Pet owners and Vets

Whilst you would expect nutraquin to have many positive reviews a good measure of a joint supplement’s real value is whether Veterinary Professionals also believe in the product and are prepared to put their name to it. nutraquin has been adopted by many veterinary practices throughout the UK and has many postive testimonials from Vets endorsing it.

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